Digital Humans

Build dynamic game characters capable of natural language interactions

nvidia / audio2facePREVIEW

Converts streamed audio to facial blendshapes for realtime lipsyncing and facial performances.

Digital Humans
nvidia / parakeet-ctc-0.6b

State-of-the-art accuracy and speed for English transcriptions.

Automatic Speech Recognition

The Latest Language Models

Build natural language understanding into development workflows

meta / llama3-70b-instructRUN ANYWHERE

Powers complex conversations with superior contextual understanding, reasoning and text generation.

Language Generation
mistralai / mixtral-8x22b-instruct-v0.1PREVIEW

An MOE LLM that follows instructions, completes requests, and generates creative text.

Advanced Reasoning
google / gemma-7bPREVIEW

Cutting-edge text generation model text understanding, transformation, and code generation.

Language Generation
mistralai / mistral-largePREVIEW

Excels in complex multilingual reasoning tasks, including text understanding, and code generation.

Code Generation

Generate 3D Models and 2D Images

Create 3D models and 2D images with models trained on licensed data with NVIDIA Edify

Shutterstock / edify-3d-early-accessPREVIEW

Early access preview of Shutterstock’s upcoming API service for 3D asset generation. Trained on NVIDIA Edify using Shutterstock’s commercially safe creative libraries.

GettyImages / edify-image

Getty Images’ API service for 4K image generation. Trained on NVIDIA Edify using Getty Images' commercially safe creative libraries.

Image Generation
Image Modification